No Chris Christie In 2016 Please

No Chris Christie In 2016 Please

Chris Christie On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

Didn’t Christie have lap band surgery??? What happened?

Too moderate to be our 2016 presidential nominee. Please, not again.


  1. Ron Scubadiver says:

    The problem is finding a candidate who can beat Clinton. He isn’t perfect and I am not ready to say he is the one. Keep up the good work Alexis.

    • Hi Ron. Thanks for commenting. Check out the long comment I left for Glenn explaining why I don’t think Christie is the guy who can beat Clinton. God bless you my friend.

      • Ron Scubadiver says:

        As this point I am not sure he is the one. But who is the one?

      • For the 2016 presidential nominee, I would like Governor Mike Pence, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen Rand Paul. There are some other past and present GOP Governors who I think might be good. I’m disappointed in Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. I just really don’t want another Rino progressive like Jeb Bush or Chris Christie. I don’t think I could bear that after what we had to go through with Romney and McCain.

        Merry Christmas to you and your family Ron! Thank you for all the great contributions and comments you have made to this site this year. I really appreciate it. I need to stop by and look at your beautiful photography one day. I have really enjoyed your artwork. God bless you!

      • Ron Scubadiver says:


  2. It can not be denied that Chris Christi does get things done, wins elections and has shone to be able to do this in a state that is dominantly Blue. At the end of the day the next president will have to be a leader too all Americans of the U.S.. I admire and respect those hard liners who took a stand and a political bullet for America, but on this thread that’s just preaching to the choir. Are we to continue doing the same thing and expect different results come election time.
    What lessons have we learned from in today’s landscape of voters. Are we to pick our brethren apart because he is not far enough to the right for our tastes. It’s time to take off the blinders and use our peripheral vision, we need to see what is happening around us. Chris Christi could be the very thing America needs right now. Let’s focus on pulling the country back to the center before we fall off the planet. First 2014 and then 2016.

    • Hi Glenn,
      Thanks for commenting. The reason Christie does well in a blue state is because he has progressive tendencies. The things he gets done are things which are extremely bad for our nation such as Obamacare. He was one of the Republican governors that could have joined the law suit with the other GOP governors against Obamacare but he refused to sign on. Then he was one of the first to rush in and sign up for the exchanges. He didn’t lift a finger to fight Obamacare. Ultimately, the people in New Jersey will have long term suffering for his actions. Another thing he got done was raising N.J. property taxes. Something he didn’t get done was helping Hurricane Sandy victims get their rightfully due insurance claims.

      Chris Christie us to be a lobbyist for Bernie Madoff and many other despicably and unscrupulous people.He has scary and numerous ties to many Islamic terror organizations. Christie is pro Cap and trade, pro amnesty and pro gun control.

      Romney got more votes for president in New Jersey than Christie did for governor. That wipes out the theory the mainstream media is trying to sell about how this shows he could win the presidency. Nope, actually he would do worse than Romney.

      Don’t let the media fool you. We conservatives are still a majority. There are 80 million evangelical Christians in this country. Polls show 80% of them didn’t vote in the 2012 election because Romney and Obama were too much alike and neither appealed to them. If we find a candidate who could fire up those 64 million voters, we will win landslides like we did with Reagan.

      You said “Are we to continue doing the same thing and expect different results come election time.” Doing the same thing would be nominating another lukewarm moderate like Christie, Romney or McCain. You are right! Let’s try a different approach! Let’s do it different and run a hardcore conservative like Ted Cruz or Mike Lee and go for a Reaganesque landslide victory. The constitutional message of liberty is exactly what we need. This is what Ronald Reagan meant when he said “raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors.” This is what Phyllis Schlafly meant when she said “a choice not an echo.” We can’t keep following the Democrats around saying “me too.” The Democrat Party has become the party of big government socialism and Marxism. We need to be the opposite and stand for the Constitution, liberty and limited government. You can’t be a little of both. There is no such thing. We need to fight like Schlafly, Goldwater and Buckley did when they went up against the country club Republicans like Rockefeller, Scranton, Bush and Ford. We need to take our party back from these establishment types. We need to do everything in our power to spread the word NOW and make sure Christie doesn’t get the nomination.

      The Constitution is the center. It’s the rinos and the Democrats who are the statist about to fall off the left. Conservatives don’t stand for anarchy or fascism. The “far right” phrase is another Alinsky invention from the people who want to “fundamentally transform” our country.

      Christie isn’t my brethren. The guy is scum! I use to tell people he was almost as bad as Hillary Clinton. However, after researching him more thoroughly in the last few weeks, I am actually starting to think he is worse. He would be the nail in America’s coffin.

      Next time I will tell you what I really think. 😉

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