Why does the message of socialism appeal to some?

Why does the message of socialism appeal to some?

Great message from Glenn Beck

Please watch, like and comment


  1. Reblogged this on Brittius.com.

  2. The truth is powerful.
    “Americans have given up on themselves and their ability to succeed”

  3. Thanks for posting this video Alexis! It makes a lot of sense and I still don’t understand why something so easy to understand is still hard to grasp for many people.

  4. elliot chandler says:

    Interesting video, he makes some really good points about how the people of this country seem to be giving up and just letting everything around them deteriorate.

  5. I am going to share this video with everyone I know! It’s important that Glenn’s message gets out and that American’s everywhere start to understand how dire the situation really is for us all.

  6. That video has me bothered now today. Perhaps I am out of the loop, but I didn’t realize this was going on around us. And right out in the open no less!

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