Celebrities Are Condescending Fools

Celebrities Are Condescending Fools

A bunch of Hollywood hypocrites talking about the Tea Party and Ted Cruz. They are showing what true fruit loops they really are. These people are so out of touch with the average American.

Sean Penn

Robert Redford

Chris Noth

“Every Tea Party Member should be horsewhipped”

“Highest level of racism was showed …by Republicans”

noth 3


  1. What world do these celebrity’s live in, Inspite of the continued evidence and incompetence of our president, his administration and it’s policy’s, they continue to contrive the issues by diverting blame away from its axis.
    Our President’s dream is America’s Nightmare.

  2. I am so fed up with these liberal idiots talking about conservatives as if we were criminals for following the laws of God. If I hear, “those people”, or “you people” one more time, I am coming unhinged. If they only knew how stupid and narrow-minded they sounded, they would be ashamed of themselves. Great website/blog! Thanks for helping me find you.

  3. The liberal millionaires live in another world. They can not see the light. I too am unhinged like Barbara by their words.

  4. Foxy Wizard says:

    That was painful. It Sean Penn 49 seconds to say Ted Cruz is his American brother and he needs help. I didn’t even listen to the Redford one. Just can’t. Do. It.

    Mr. Penn has earned my respect in the past for calling out his fellow actors for pledging but not following through on support for Haiti after the earthquake destroyed that tiny island. However, the Hollywood crown is certainly ignorant. I am a Tea Party member. I look in the mirror, and don’t see someone who should be “interned”. I serve as a minister on a Native American reservation, working with folks who are trying to kick their addictions. There is no money to pay me, so I work part time at the local auto parts store to pay my bills. I have worked for years, and contributed my entire paycheck, to help others in various ministries. My big crime, as a Tea Party member, appears to be my insistence on asking the question: How is this debt affordable? Aren’t we being amoral by borrowing all this money and pushing this debt on to our children? Shouldn’t we be protecting our freedom a little better? Shouldn’t we live within our means? Shouldn’t we be free to seek a God of our understanding, or some kind of Spiritual path? These and other questions sentence us Tea Party members to this kind of scorn and ridicule.

    There is scant satisfaction in being able to say “I told you so”, after five years of warning anyone who would listen, that the healthcare law is a disaster for all Americans. When our society is collapsing, and the economic house of cards we have built crumbles, and there are millions with no way to feed themselves, I will take no satisfaction in being able to point to my warnings.

    But what pompous asses these rich, ignorant actors are! What I can do for now is boycott their product. I don’t sit in front of a TV every night. I don’t go out and see the latest propaganda to hit the silver screen. I do everything in my power to send my grand kids to schools other than the Liberal brainwashing centers that are our schools today. God Bless America, land of the free and home of the brave.

  5. Char in ND says:

    Redford and Penn are poison, they have been part of the poison that leftism is and continues to be.
    They act, as Belafonte, and believe, as all leftists, that securing a central government in charge of everything is utopia. None of these men believe that individual people are competent to make their own decisions, certainly and especially, if these opinions are contrary to the left.

    Ah, the old race card, played by Redford. Cher does that all the time on Twitter. A boring yet typical leftist tactic, when they have nothing of substance to put forth.

    I’d bet my years on riding that Chris Noth has never seen nor ridden a horse. We don’t whip them! He speaks nonsense, and is a poor actor to boot. (pun intended)

    Penn is a fan and admirer of all things left, he championed Hugo Chavez, who devasted and raped the nation he was supposed to lead and was elected to see to it that his nation and countrymen thrived. Penn and Belafonte are also fans of dictators in Cuba, ie, the brothers Castro.

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