Media Bias Against The GOP – As Usual

Media Bias Against The GOP – As Usual

Pundits Strongly Critical of the GOP
Video from Fox News

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  1. I’m sorry I had to stop watching once Juan Williams was introduced. I can’t stomach him right now…. 🙂 but I agree with the premise the media is liberal, including much of our favorite FoxNews. I’ll also agree with Rush’s sentiments the Republicans found a way to be the boogie monster once again, when all they had to do was sit on their hands and let Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and the newly found backbone of the House run the show…

    But the GOP couldn’t handle winning a fight with Obama so they had to break that spine, and roll over like the dogs they are. Until we rid us or ourselves of the ruling party elite in our party it won’t end! Since I believe Levin is right the process won’t happen overnight we must start in our collective state legislatures. We must elect local Ted Cruzes and let them begin their climb to Washington. That is if we want the GOP to take our country back! If not, I’m in favor of a third party, a conservative, constitutional party…such as The Tea Party. The GOP won in 2010 thanks to The Tea Party activists, since then Michael Steele was fired and the GOPs attack on The Tea Party began.

    Reagan won against the same liberal elitists media, in two landslide elections. But as long as we continue to nominate John McCains and Mitt Romneys and Bob Doles we won’t win the White House again against the next Obama. Heck with his disdain for the Constitution, and the current GOP letting it go, we may not get another chance. I’ll just stop here since I obviously didn’t watch the entire clip. I used to respect Juan Williams as a liberal until PRN fired him…

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