Tea Party – Last Greatest Hope In Saving America

Tea Party – Last Greatest Hope In Saving America

House cancels budget vote and focus turns to Senate. Is Valerie Jarrett advising Obama to tell Congress to give him the power of the purse or threaten to drive the nation into default? Louie Gohmert and the TeaParty continue fight against Obamacare.
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  1. Foxy Wizard says:

    Well, they caved. As usual. Somehow this fight started over Obamacare, and not only did the Republicans get rolled on that, they got their a$$es handed to them on the debt ceiling issue. Mitch showed himself to be a traitor to the American people by suggesting a way for Obama to raise the debt ceiling as much as he wants without Republicans voting for it. So Congress has now abdicated it’s responsibility for control of the purse.

    I wish I could find a positive note in this, but i can’t. The only thing I see as possibly positive is the American people on the Republican side have finally seen who the enemy really is, and that, despite the “shellacking” we put on the Democrats in 2010, a system wide change needs to occur.

    I have read The Liberty Amendments, and that appears to be our recourse. Bypass Washington, and strengthen the Constitution. May God help us save our children and grandchildren from economic slavery.

    • It is very discouraging and heartbreaking. I agree with you about using Article V and getting the state convention going. Levin is right. We need to bypass these jerks in Washington who think they are royalty.

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