The Permanent Poverty Class In America

The Permanent Poverty Class In America

People can make $40,000 -$60,000 per year in entitlements. This is creating a permanent poverty class. There is a disincentive to marry, work and achieve the American dream.


  1. Foxy Wizard says:

    This coincides with an article I read recently where you can receive upward of $60,000/year in Hawaii, ranging down to over $30,000/year in the less generous states, if you stay out of work and work the system instead. It literally does not pay to get an entry level job in America any longer. And if you never get an entry level job, you never get any basic training to move up in the system. You become a permanent ward of the state, sucking the blood out of those who persist in the old fashioned notion that one should work to support oneself. This is the endgame of Communism/Socialism/Progressivism/Democrat Partyism. At some point, we reach a “tipping point” where enough people are on the dole that the entire system collapses. This is called the fundamentally transformed America; just another Third World Country. Thanks, ruling class, for destroying America and enslaving my children and grand-children. A pox be upon your House. And Senate. And white House.

  2. Rick Dickson says:

    Constitutionalists despise the minimum wage concept and most other Federal Government mandates . Like it or not , we have it and as a measure or gauge it will be useful for this idea . Limit ALL entitlements to 75% of the take home earnings of a full time ( 40 ) worker making minimum wage . That would be real welfare reform , sooner or later many will say ” that’s not worth having ” Then OK , abolish it all .

    • Thanks for your comment Rick. That would be a wonderful plan but D.C. never uses common sense. The problem is the left is using the Cloward–Piven strategy because they WANT to overload the system with entitlements to force a financial collapse. It’s part of thier “fundamental transformation of America” plan. Meanwhile, the GOP will never have the guts to stop them.

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