Obama Feels Confident Congress Will Vote In Favor Of Military Action In Syria

Obama Feels Confident Congress Will Vote In Favor Of Military Action In Syria

LOL-ing at The War Powers Act.


  1. I’m very suspicious of the evidence the US says it has that Assad used chemical weapons for two reasons:

    1.The way they used “curveball” to start a war, despite their intelligence knowing that he was lying.

    2.It makes no sense for Assad to have used these chemical weapons because he was winning the war and he knew that using chemical warfare could cause an intervention which will probably turn the tide in the war.

    assuming it were the rebels that used the chemical weapons, which makes a lot more sense because they want an intervention, how did they acquire these weapons?

    All I can think of is that they perhaps captured a facility where chemical weapons were stored..

    Can anybody shed some light on this?

    • I heard some people from the United States military call in to talk radio shows at the end of last week and many of them felt like they really were not the chemical weapons that the media were saying they were. The situation is very suspicious. Good points. Thanks for commenting.

      • Mmm, this reminds me:
        I saw a headline on “Russia today” that said scientists claimed the wounds of the injured syrians did not match the kind that would be inflicted by chemical weapons owned by the syrian regime.

    • tI think you are right about the wounds of the injured syrians did not match the kind that would be inflicted by chemical weapons. This is disturbing.

    • Russian scientists? so Putin’s lackeys. Yes I am sure they are a reliable source of intelligence.

  2. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Here is a president who believes in doing anything he wants without congressional approval. All of a sudden he is different on this one. Obama is looking for cover.

  3. Char in ND says:

    Kerry is now reportedly not denying they are considering deployment of American boots on the ground. From my observation, it appears that both sides of this conflict are enemies of the USA.

    An interesting read in The Telegraph today stated that when Obama met with senators earlier today, 50 rebels trained by our special forces in Jordan were on their way to Syria. We are training rebel forces?

  4. Foxy Wizard says:

    Is Assad our friend? No. Are the Rebels (read Muslim Brotherhood) our friends? No.

    When your enemies are slaughtering each other, you sit back and give thanks they are busy with each other and not slaughtering you. There is no upside for us sending our young men and women in there. I believe it was one of the Rebels who ate their enemy’s heart on video. We’re gonna support these animals? How long before they turn on us? I don’t like this one bit.

    Drudge has a poll up. Over 92% oppose this move, so of course John Boehner and Eric Cantor support it. I am disgusted with the whole bunch of them. No, I am furious. I expect this crap from Obama, but when will the Republicans we put in power start representing us?

    • I am with you, Foxy Wizard. I e-mailed both of my senators and my congressman to let them know I expect them to stand in opposition to any military action in Syria. Period. Unfortunately, Sen. Hoeven seems to roll with whatever Boehner does.
      Senators Graham and McCain are beating the war drums pretty hard on this one. McCain was talking on one of the Sunday shows, proclaiming that extremists shouting “Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!” is the same as Christians saying “Thank God”. What an ignorant buffoon. He claims that the rebels are moderates. This man, I voted for once. Wow am I glad he never became president.

      • Foxy Wizard says:

        Allahu Akbar was the last sound 13 people soldiers heard in this life at the hands of Pig Hassan. McCain is really pathetic. The only good thing he has ever done is catapult Sarah Palin to national recognition.

      • McCain’s statement made me mad too and he is sitting there playing poker on his iphone. I grow more furious with these idiots in Washington every single day.
        I tweeted about the McCain issue. https://twitter.com/mercuryoneoc/statuses/375125177283002368
        By the way Char, are you on twitter? If so what is your name on there? Thanks.

      • Char in ND says:

        I’m not on Twitter yet, Alexis, I am pondering jumping in the mix! I’ll be sure I let you know if I do. Love your tweet and you are so right about McCain – he has made several jokes about playing poker during the hearing so obviously he is not a bit chagrined.

        I am so glad the citizens of Phoenix took it to him at that town hall meeting yesterday, they are fed up with him and I would imagine, quite disgusted that he is still a sitting senator. Arizona deserves so much better.

        Thanks again for all of your excellent posts, you are a patriot and I am happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with you!

    • Sit back and watch them fight it out? Sure, but let’s be realistic, this is a war zone and many women and children will be maimed and killed, especially when chemical weapons are used. So you can just sit back and say “they’re enemies and animals” from a few YouTube videos of atrocities but try to keep those videos in perspective. It’s like if an american decided to eat animal excrement and you look at it and say “geez all americans must eat sh**”.

      And Char, clearly you failed to look up what “allah akbar” actually means, but perhaps you’ve never left the country either. Taken from wikipedia: meaning “God is greater” or “God is [the] greatest. WOW took me all of 3 seconds to find that! imagine that actually educating yourself before you post your ignorance to the world.
      Just because you don’t agree with McCain today doesn’t mean he isn’t more worldly and knowledgeable than you.
      Obama 2016!

      • Foxy Wizard says:

        I have a few questions for you, Jason. Will you volunteer to go fight in Syria and fight alongside the “Rebels”? Do you know exactly what the purpose is of this proposed military action in Syria? How will we know if it was successful? If Iran attacks Israel, as they have said they will, after the US attacks Syria, can you guarantee no little Israelis won’t get killed? If we attack Syria, and Russia equally attacks the “Rebels”, won’t that escalate the war and the number of deaths of little children? In fact, if this action on our part turns the entire middle east into a war zone, won’t even more little children get hurt? And if these “Rebels” are armed with American weapons, and trained with American know how, won’t that escalate the war even more? Did you know that there are “Rebels” who have admitted to using nerve gas? The Coptic Christians are being systematically murdered in Egypt. Do you also advocate a military attack on the Muslim Brotherhood there? And finally, I noticed you signed off with Obama 2016! Do you support Obama refusing to give up power in 2016?

        As far as your jab at Char regarding the “Allah Akbar”; yes, it means God is greater. As in “My God is Greater than your God, and he has commanded me to kill you for His Glory”! I am glad you know how to google, and research something for 3 seconds, form an opinion, then slander another with it, but did you know this is the same cry Major Hassan yelled repeatedly while gunning down, in cold blood, dozens of his fellow soldiers? Or that this is the last cry suicide bombers make when they blow up scores of innocent people? Or that Afghan soldiers are heard shouting that as they turn on their fellow American soldiers and murder them? Or that these cries were heard before the planes flew into the buildings on 9-11? So if you didn’t know this, maybe you’re not as traveled as you think you are, and if you do know this, you are being intellectually dishonest.

        So just to clarify it for you, “Allah Akbar” is the statement the jihadist, who believes Allah wants him to murder innocent people in cold blood because they do not practice the Muslim faith, cries out before murdering innocent people, including the women and children that you so care about. No, it is not the “Praise the Lord” that I do when I see a beautiful sunset, or when my grand daughter breaks a fever. It is the “Praise the Lord” screamed by a fanatic as he murders people. Does that clear things up for you, Jason?

  5. Jason, I do hold an opinion that is based on research and more importantly, my faith. I’ve learned in my 49 years on this earth that God has blessed me with reasoning, compassion and love. These things take much longer than 3 seconds to formulate, it is an ongoing and deliberative process as there is always an evil out there that can manipulate, if you are not careful and obediant and stay on the path of light the Lord has illuminated.

    Thank you, Foxy Wizard for your eloquent and illustrative post. My point in mentioning in Senator McCain equating using the phrase allahu akbar with thank God was to concisely define how this man is for some reason either blurring the lines, is completely ignorant or is intentionally deceiving. I think there is a great deal of this going on in our political realm, especially amongst those who hold the political power.

    As far as Senator McCain. He cannot possibly be unaware of the murders of those who died at the hands of those who spoke these words, as you said, the murders on 9/11. The recordings on Flight 93 especially highlighted this. And the recordings as Major Hassan went on a murderous rampage. The first person I remember dying while these words were uttered was Daniel Pearl, who of course, was beheaded. Nicholas Berg and Eugene Armstrong were also beheaded while allahu akbar was being chanted, over and over and over again.

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