Egypt -Persecution of Christians Continue

Egypt -Persecution of Christians Continue


  1. Foxy Wizard says:

    Thank you for posting about this. It is a disgrace that our nation is backing the Muslim Brotherhood. The silence from the “Christian” President is deafening. I go between thinking he is really, really dumb to really, really evil.

    • I know! It makes me so sad to see these Christians being persecuted. Obama is very sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. I never thought I would see the day when we would have a President like him but here we are. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Foxy Wizard says:

    Hi, Queen of Liberty. I m an ordained, not-so-mainstream Christian Minister. The Foxy Wizard moniker was given to me when Foxy meant clever, ha! I currently reside with the Native Americans at a place called thunder Ranch, a spiritual University.

    It is a tragedy when people of any religion are murdered for their unique manner of seeking God the Father, but the current persecution of the Coptics is particularly alarming to me. The Coptics are one of the earliest branches of Christianity, going back to the very beginning. They are beautiful people, and were in that land 700 years before Mohammed walked the Earth. If anyone belongs in Egypt, they do. Why, as a nation, are we conceding the entire Middle East to Islam? Why are we allowing Christians to be driven from their homelands and/or killed? Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Libya and most of northern Africa are home to millions of Christians. Not just Christians who have moved there in modern times, but who have been there for thousands of years. Even as we rescued Iraq from the Muslim nutjobs, millions of Christians in Iraq were driven from their homeland. Obama professes to be a Christian, but his every action points to a complete disregard for Christians and a devotion to the Muslim faith. Why does he back the Muslim Brotherhood, of all people? Who knows. Our Imperial President is silent on such matters.

    • You still are clever, Foxy. Your life sounds fascinating. I think Obama joined a Christian church for political connections. I think he is a secular humanist, or some type of atheist. I also think his upbringing and schooling in Indonesia left him as someone who was sympathetic to Islam and against the state of Israel. I couldn’t agree with you more about the Christians in the Middle East. I have been reading so much lately about the Coptics in Egypt and what they are going through. It is heartbreaking. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. God bless.

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