3 Black Teenagers Beat Up a 13 Year Old White Boy

3 Black Teenagers Beat Up a 13 Year Old White Boy

3 black teenagers beat up a 13 year old white boy and not a peep from President Obama, the media, Oprah, Ebony magazine, Al Sharpton or any of the other race baiters. Mark Levin brought this up on his show tonight. This is the video of the beating.


  1. Char in ND says:

    This makes me want to puke. I don’t see how that bus driver could possibly be a man by any standards. I don’t see how those three attackers could be human, either.
    I don’t see any coverage of this on television, except for one segment on Greta that aired last night.

    • Not sure about the laws in your state but in some had that bus driver touched one of those PUNKS you can bet he’d been fired for it! maybe even charged with assault, and he would have been beat on too if he’d tried to stop it. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong but before you judge anyone you need to be in their shoes for bit.??

      • Char in ND says:

        So, we are not to stand up for anyone, to anyone, or anything now, for fear of retribution? That makes no sense to me as a liberty loving human being.

      • I know there are laws like that but as an adult how can you not want to step in and supervise children? If a white bus driver had stood there while 3 white kids beat up a black kid, can you imagine the OUTRAGE in the media? Aside from Fox not many even reported on this. The media has an agenda to divide us based on race, income levels and any other way they can.

    • Did you see the story Glenn Beck did on the white couple that were car jacked and brutally murdered by a bunch of black men? They said it was one of the most violent rape, torture, murder cases in American history and the media never mentioned it. I had never even heard about it before. I’m really sick of the media trying to design a narrative for us. Most of these cases aren’t race related but the media turns it into that ONLY if it’s white on black crime. Evil can come in any color.

  2. Horrible and vicious and to think this happened on a school bus.

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