Greg Gutfeld criticizes Rolling Stone Magazine

Greg Gutfeld criticizes Rolling Stone Magazine

By Greg Gutfeld Via
So I just read the Rolling Stone piece with the shitbag on the cover. It’s long, but i can summarize it for you:

“Wow, here’s a really good looking cool kid who loves to smoke weed (a lot — isn’t that cool and funny!) and seems super cool and all his friends just think he’s the “bomb.” He has such great hair!!!!

Oh — sorry – and then the cute guy does something really really bad, and it’s like totally weird because he was such a cool dude –and he was smart and stuff, and a great fighter and girls liked him! He seems really cute to me, anyway!!! 🙂

and when someone cool does something REALLY BAD WE THINK then we are really sad.


Like, why didn’t he like us more??? : ^I

It sucks…. why couldn’t he have been a dorky, ugly white right wing christian who didn’t do drugs– instead?

I mean — That would have been more fun to write about! LOL.”

Video from Right Sightings

Piers Morgan and S.E. Cupp had an opposite point of view. I wish S.E. Cupp would break out her Che Guevara T-shirt and stop pretending.


  1. Char in ND says:

    Gutfeld is right on, the bomber is a shitbag. Rolling Stone is a rag, but I was surprised they sunk to the gutter on this cover.
    Alexis, did you happen to catch James Woods pic via Twitter regarding Rolling Stone? Awesome! I read it on Twitchy.
    #RollingStone cover we will never see…

    God bless!

    • Rolling Stone always was an anti- American borderline communist rag. Hunter S. Thompson who was a brilliant writer used his talents for the dark side and was an extreme leftist although it was funny when he would hate on Clinton or get Pat Buchanan drunk. Thank you -> I love that photo from James Woods, if only. I’ll have to post it here. I think most of the victims from the Boston bombing were not given proper respect because the media down plays any bad event that happened on Obama’s watch. It’s a shame.

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