McCain Lies

McCain Lies

More on Immigration And Amnesty

Jim Hoft posted this video Sunday on The Gateway Pundit. I wanted all of you to see it. It’s a campaign commercial Sen. John McCain ran when he was up for re-election in the Senate. While he was running he  pretended he wanted to secure the border. Once McCain won, he voted against building the fence. This video really shows what a liar John McCain is.

Article on The Gateway Pundit

A new website is asking Arizona residents for their signatures to recall Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain for supporting the immigration-amnesty bill. I can’t blame the voters for feeling deceived. Most of these politicians campaign as if they were Reagan then govern like FDR. If you know people in Arizona, spread the word.


  1. Had enough! We are “Republicans” only because they are to the right of “Democrats.” But the RINOs are far to the left of where I stand!!! We keep chasing the Republicans the same way “battered wives” make excuses for their abusers! It’s time my friends! It is time for a Third Party! A party that by its nature will let the Republican Party fall on its own petard! The “Conservative Party” would soon become the other party, as the Republican Party will die or be absorbed by the Democrat Party for which they aspire. We all believe this already! It is time to take action!
    McCain is a great example! We are not changing anything from within! Have you had enough?

    Here is what I sent to my Senators, both Democrats unfortunately (Michigan) , and my Republican congressman on Immigration! You are welcome to use it as it is to the point!

    “The borders must be secured first before anything more is done on immigration. The fence should be erected as was required in previous legislation. Enforce the laws already on the books and untie the hands of our agents as they pursue illegals!”

    We must never give up!!!


    • Hi Frank,
      Thank you for the wonderful passionate comment. I feel the same way you do and so do millions of other Americans. The way both parties in Washington treat us like subjects is infuriating! I could scream daily watching the rinos disregard the voters wishes. I know that one day we may have to leave the Republican Party but right now I still want to fight to take our party back the way Ronald Reagan did. When you read Goldwater’s words from the 60’s, we are at the exact same place today. If they did it, so can we. I think the rinos should be the ones forced out. I agree with you we must never surrender to the totalitarian mindset of the beltway. We have to keep working to overthrow this ruling class. Keep in touch and God bless you.

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