Retirement Message From Michele Bachmann

Retirement Message From Michele Bachmann

Retirement Message From Michele Bachmann

I hope she is going to stay in politics. I’d hate to lose another great conservative politician. We love you Michele!

Video courtesy of Team Bachmann – released yesterday

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Socially conservative female Reaganites have always rallied around Michele Bachmann and we will continue to have her back with whatever she takes on in the future. -Alexis


  1. That’s a heartbreaker!! I’ve got to believe she has a good plan though!!

  2. Char in ND says:

    Michelle Bachmann is a tireless champion of the Constitution. She has my utmost respect and gratitude.

    I know she took an almost daily hammering by the rag Star Tribune newspaper in Mpls.

    The ugly blogs and articles I came across yesterday regarding her decision to not seek re-election were typical of the attacks she has been subjected to for years by the left, and the RINOs.

    Reince Priebus outright lied to Mark Levin when asked if the RNC would help support Bachmann in the last election if she needed help. She received no help, no money.

    Mark Levin gave a wonderful and accurate tribute to Michelle Bachmann last night on his show.
    She deserves our thanks for what she has done for this nation, and our support in whatever she decides to in the future.

    • I hate how all the true champions of conservatism are dealt these negative blows all the time by not only the left but also by people in their own Party. It is really disheartening. She handled it with class and dignity like a true lady. I don’t think I could go up against the hate Michele has faced. She is also physically very beautiful and the left tries to get these photos of her where she is making a funny face or they photoshop it to make her look bad. (which is hard to do) Yes, Reince Priebus is an idiot as well. I’m going to miss Bachmann in Congress but I doubt we have seen the last of her on the scene.

  3. Debbie W. says:

    Good luck to Michele Bachmann. We will miss her in Congress.

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