Carl Scott Denies Mark Levin’s Post Constitutional Tyranny Theory

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“Throughout history, government has proved to be the chief instrument for thwarting man’s liberty. Government represents power in the hands of some men to control and regulate the lives of other men.” Barry Goldwater

Last Sunday Carl Scott wrote a blog entitled “How Scandalized Should We Be By The IRS Scandal?” To summarize his scarcely coherent piece, beneath the irritating hubris Scott says he’s slightly bothered but he isn’t too alarmed by the state our country is in. In his article he states he was “not ready to join Mark Levin, the Tyranny v. Liberty guy, who is saying that this scandal shows that we have entered an age of post-constitutional soft tyranny, and that Obama’s is a post-constitutional government.” The site Mr. Scott writes for, First Things, has been critical of Mark Levin’s work in the past. I left Carl Scott a comment responding but I must of hit a nerve because my comment didn’t make it past his tight moderation. Scott poses the question at the end timidly asking “What say you? Am I too alarmist? Or, not enough?” You aren’t alarmed enough, Carl. Of course this is a post constitutional America! The only sentence he used to back up his disagreement with Mark Levin’s well documented theory that we are in a post constitutional America was this one: “That’s just obviously proven wrong every time Obama or his agencies abide by Supreme Court decisions contrary to their wishes.”

In January the D.C. Circuit Court invalidated Obama’s 2012 appointments of three members to the National Labor Relations Board. The President falsely tried to say that Congress was in recess. A few days ago a federal appeals court again ruled that a recess appointment to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) was unconstitutional. Those board members continue to operate. The three rouge officials have issued over two hundred decisions. Obama refuses to be stopped by any other branch of government. He doesn’t believe in enumeration of powers or checks and balances. This is just one of dozens of examples I could give Scott showing Obama has zero regard for the Constitution. Hell, he is even on tape saying so!

In the book, “The Imperial Presidency” Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. states “The American Constitution, envisages a strong presidency within an equally strong system of accountability. When the constitutional balance is upset in favor of presidential power and at the expense of presidential accountability, the presidency can be said to become imperial.”

The IRS scandal didn’t occur in a vacuum. When taken as part of the whole bigger picture, one easily sees that Obama has become an imperial president. Scott notes “this is ultimately much more about the corruption of the IRS, a corruption arguably inherent to the ‘administrative state,’ than it is about Obama.” It is ridiculous to think that the President didn’t know about these three current scandals: Benghazi, The IRS, The AP. It’s more plausible to think Obama was orchestrating them. All of the departments involved in the recent immoral activity: The IRS, The Treasury Department, The Justice Department, The Pentagon, The Department of State, The CIA, The FBI, The EPA are executive agencies or departments in his jurisdiction which makes it hard to believe that President Obama never knew of these activities and was left in the dark.

After seeing democracy fail in his native country of France, Alexis de Tocqueville wanted to study America’s successful democracy to figure out what made it work. He wanted to know it’s strengths and weaknesses as well as warn of potential pitfalls that could occur down the road. His work was called “Democracy In America.” In this project he used the phrase soft tyranny. History has shown that being overly taxed, heavily regulated and financially burdened can slowly disrupt and unravel a society. The unraveling creates conditions that impede desire and prosperity and this is known as soft tyranny. When fiscal conditions worsen to the point that the civil society loses hope and becomes pessimistic, it will set the stage for government regimes to fill the gap that is missing in people’s lives as it did with the Weimar Republic. The United States has trillions of dollars in debt. Instead of reducing spending, we do quantitative easing, monetizing the debt and this will devalue the currency and eventually cause inflation and possibly hyperinflation. What Scott seems to miss about tyranny can be found in the following quote. Alexis de Tocqueville states “Formerly tyranny used the clumsy weapons of chains and hangmen; nowadays even despotism, though it seemed to have nothing to learn, has been perfected by civilization. . . . Under the absolute government of a single man, despotism, to reach the soul, clumsily struck at the body, and the soul, escaping from such glows, rose gloriously above it; but in democratic republics that is not at all how tyranny behaves; it leaves the body alone and goes straight for the soul.”

Mark Levin aptly references Alexis de Tocqueville’s views on soft tyranny. Levin also asked us to be Paul and Paulette Revere’s spreading the message that America is moving from a soft to a hard tyranny. Living in a dark blue state, I was laughed at for years using the word tyranny but when Maryland started taxing rain I was sure we were at the point where nobody could deny it any longer. Yet here is this knucklehead, Carl Scott, remaining clueless to what’s occurring around him.

With ObamaCare there is no constitutional basis for the federal government to force its citizens to buy something. However, thanks to judicial activists on the Supreme Court, power hungry John Roberts and a spineless congress that refuses to defund it, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is coming to fruition. ObamaCare hurts our country financially. It gives the government the power to regulate our health and our businesses in a way never seen before in America. It forces faith based businesses and institutions to provide health-care plans which cover sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs. Benjamin Berwick, a lawyer for the Civil Division of the Justice Department stated openly in court that once someone forms a corporation to conduct business or even when doctors incorporate a medical practice that they lose their first amendment right to freedom of religion. Obama’s administration no longer makes any attempt to hide their assault on the Bill Of Rights.

“A Totalitarian regime crushes all autonomous institutions in its drive to seize the human soul.” Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

Abolishing the definition of marriage has become another First Amendment issue. Marriage is a traditional sacred institution and the progressives want to fundamentally transform it. The same -sex- marriage movement is nothing more than an attack on faith and our culture. Last month a lesbian couple won a discrimination law suit against a Christian Bed and Breakfast. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has been working with various foundations to see that the vestiges of Christianity were removed from the military, and there has been open hostility towards our Christian soldiers. Our religious freedoms have already begun to erode and slip away.

Radio host Glenn Beck asked his listeners to come up with names that best described Obama’s triple scandal of late. Beck felt the one thing they had in common was Obama stretching from “fundamentally transforming” the USA to the arrogance of transforming the entire world. I saw a different common denominator which was an assault on The First Amendment.

The government lied to the American people about Benghazi, the pre-planned terror attack. Aside from the horror of our government’s actions which caused four Americans to be killed unnecessarily, it’s interesting to notice how they attempted to cover it up. When President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and others blamed this on a youtube video, they achieved two goals. One objective of course was assuring that Obama’s campaign message, that Al-Qaeda was defeated and on the run, stayed intact. The second more insidious aim was to nudge the public against The Bill Of Rights. The youtube video was entitled ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and was a derogatory look at Islam. The filmmaker Makoula Basseley Nakoula is still in jail. There is an underlying message here when our President blames a terror act on our First Amendment Freedom of Speech. Even though this was a false narrative, the message that no one is aloud to speak out and even more specifically against Islam, is coming through loud and clear.

When the IRS targeted conservative groups it was an attempt to discourage citizens who wanted to get involved in political discourse. It’s a Sicilian veiled threat to silence criticism and dissent. Again the First Amendment is targeted. The third scandal, the Department of Justice secretly subpoenaing the private phone records of several Associated Press reporters and editors is the most obvious onslaught to our freedom of speech. We have freedom of the press because the media is suppose to be a watchdog protecting the citizens from a tyrannical government. Not only has the media become more like the left’s additional arm of the federal government, but this move might be the final nail in the coffin as it terrifies any whistle blower that may want to come forward as a source in the future. Nobody wants to end up like the guy that made the youtube video. To answer Glenn Beck, I would call Obama’s trifecta of doom: Amendment -Gate

Sadly, this hat trick is merely this weeks news of tyranny. The iron fist of government pounds us daily in an avalanche of post constitutional activity. Our government is nationalizing industries which is one of the major schemes advocated by socialists for transitioning from capitalism to socialism. The second amendment right to bear arms is under assault with the strictest gun control laws I have seen in my lifetime being pushed and promoted both nationally and in blue states. The progressive taxation system punishes the successful, is impossible to follow, gives equal protection to one class and not another, and one could argue that it isn’t Constitutional at all. This year, Rand Paul and his colleagues had to do a thirteen hour filibuster to protect our Fifth Amendment and members of his own party insulted Paul and called him a wacko bird for defending the Bill Of Rights. Common Core is being forced onto our school systems to indoctrinate our children with extreme leftist Marxist ideology. Businesses are being regulated to the point that they can’t turn a profit. Homes are being taken more by eminent domain. Individuals and their homes are being regulated to the point of financially crippling their purse strings. The EPA continues to overreach with job killing policies. Government and manufacturers are going to start putting black boxes in our cars, smart meters on our appliances and utility boxes, surveillance systems on our streets and drones in the sky, tracking our every move. The gang of eight immigration bill on the horizon will expand the out of control government even farther. This is a runaway freight train of tyranny. The Constitution limits the size of government but that is the pink elephant in Washington which nobody wants to discuss. Carl Scott, “the beast of open presidential Constitution-defiance” really has come.

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”
Ronald Reagan
“Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” Ronald Reagan

Obama campaigned on the slogan “Hope and Change” and that left a blank slate which voters could interpret to mean whatever they personally hoped for and wanted to be changed. The word Utopia was first minted by Thomas More. The definition of Utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Utopia is what I believe Obama meant when he used the word hope, and the fundamental transformation away from our Constitutional government is what I suspect he meant by use of the word change.

All three of Mark Levin’s political books are well documented, heavily footnoted and explain in numerous ways how and why we became “unmoored from our Constitution.” Mark Levin’s exegesis of the great enlightenment philosophers from a 21st century view point are incredibly accurate because he has gone to the great thinkers of the past to come up with solutions for today’s world. It’s a shame Carl Scott and his highfalutin buddies are unaware. Too many citizens remain oblivious to the fact that freedom is in danger. They have taken it for granted and wrongly assume that liberty is permanent and will always be around. The same American people, that the bloggers at FirstThings.com look down their noses at, will be the ones to pull back this centralized over grown beast of a government. Now they may call us conservatives paranoid alarmists but one day they will see we were correct. Conservatives have a daunting task ahead and for now we must go at it alone. We need to go neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, bottom up, using federalism to turn this tyranny around and bring our liberty back. True conservatives never cower nor surrender.

I still believe the Amercian people one by one will wake up and rise up against tyranny and embark on the greatest battle of their lives. It will be the regular American people, the millions of conservatives who will save this country. The same people who Carl Scott, Matthew Catrino, Peter Berkowitz and so many others look down upon as the uneducated, fear mongering hoi polloi. It will be the mom and pop store owner, the farmer, the store clerk, the waitress, the tea party member, the talk radio listener, the engine of this country, who will bring the USA back from the brink; while these writers stay in their cozy libraries reading a book by the fire or typing some overly highbrowed sophisticated thoughts on their computer about how awful we gauche Reaganites are as they preach moderation and appeasement. To all of the intellectuals: you are welcome in advance for all of the hard work we, the riffraff, are about to embark on which will benefit you as well but I doubt we will ever hear a thank you.

Alexis Deacon

Link To Carl Scott’s blog entitled “How Scandalized Should We Be By The IRS Scandal?” From FirstThings.com

Last Year’s Hit Piece On Mark Levin From FirstThings.com


  1. I just read Carl Scott’s article and I can’t even put into words how infuriated I am! He flippantly called Mark Levin’s book by the wrong name and referred to him as that guy. Because of people like Carl Scott who are dead to reality, the politicians can get away with this craziness. If every American could see what was going on and take a stand we could stop this.

  2. Brian W. says:

    Mark Levin is a constitutional expert. Who is this clown Carl Scott? A nobody. Scott denies this tyranny which won’t solve the problems America is facing. Mark Levin’s work as a lawyer with a foundation is actually making a difference. Well written articulate article. The queen of liberty is becoming one of my favorite web sites.

  3. “Hope and Change”, its crazy (and sad) such an ambiguous tagline did so well. Tyranny is upon us…

  4. Great post… except you made me even angrier about this whole thing!

  5. a real american says:

    Queen of Liberty, we are stronger than they think we are and our numbers are growing.

  6. Mark Levin show is right. Tyranny is here.

  7. “The First Amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from Govornment tyranny.” – President Ronald Reagan!!

    I agree whole-heartedly that we are living under a post-constitutional soft tyrannical government trying to transition into a hard tyranny. People are waking up! And it is we the people that will rise up to stop this overreaching central Govornment nanny-state type country we are watching grow. Think about it, you want a job now, the government is hiring!!

    Alexis, you have outdone yourself with this article. Your passion in your writing is the passion we the people will use to make Congress relevant again, to stop the bullying of the all too powerful central Govornment, and to find and use the truth to do it!

    • Aw, thank you sweetie! You leave the most intelligent and nicest comments. I very much appreciate it and I am grateful that you take the time to read what I write. I have been so busy lately. I still haven’t fixed my printer to send you the Reagan thing. Sorry, don’t kill me. ….You are an awesome friend!

      • Hey I wouldn’t do that 🙂 who would my favorite writer be then?? 😉 I printed it, but my crappy printer did a horrible job! I want to do a better job and hang it on the wall! It was that great to me!

  8. Debbie W. says:

    Who is Carl Scott? Is Carl Scott crazy? This tyranny scares me and it keeps getting worse. I wish more people would rise up. I think the Democrats steal elections and I don’t know how to win elections when one side cheats.

  9. Foxy Wizard says:

    There is a firewall to the implementation of Obamacare. That firewall is the American people themselves. And no one is talking about it. That firewall is this: what would happen if 50 or 100 million Americans simply said no? If we just refused to comply with Obamacare? And I think the IRS scandal was a demonstration on the part of this Administration to intimidate us; to show us how much power the IRS has, and what they can do to us with impunity. Have you noticed there has been ZERO backlash? Oh, yes, I know a ba-zillion articles have been written, and the head of the IRS resigned, with full benefits, I might add. She stated she was innocent, pled the fifth, and walked off the stage. No one has been held to account. No one has been indited. Nothing.

    Same with the NSA scandal. No heads have rolled. No one had been indited.

    These two scandals have simply proved the Federal Government will do what they please with you, the people, and no one will EFFECTIVELY stand up to them.

    And in rolls Obamacare, the train wreck, right on time.

    • Always beside you says:

      “Too many citizens remain oblivious to the fact that freedom is in danger. They have taken it for granted and wrongly assume that liberty is permanent and will always be around.”

      I couldn’t agree more and believe it stems from the delusion that we live in a Democracy. Democracy and its proper implementation has been a heavily debated subject since it’s origin. The United States is often referred to as a democracy although in actuality it is a republic. This is not to say democracy has never been practiced in the United States because it has. The practice of democracy in the United States was a bi-product of its leaders, not it’s political system.

      Our founding fathers did their best to leave us with a well thought out document that provided the potential for flexibility in an unpredictable future. The primary issues that have risen are how to properly interpret the constitution and how democratic its processes should be. Our current result is a divided nation with an overly powerful central government controlled by an elite few, which is exactly what the Antifederalists warned of prior to the ratification of the constitution.

      The United States being a democracy is nothing more than a fallacy derived from generations of Americans demanding its simulation. Slowly over time the government has usurped more power as its citizens blindly succumbed to the idea that they were living in a democracy. In the worlds of Edmund Burke “People never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” That delusion was democracy.

      • Well said. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Burke was a wise man. I think about quotes from him often now that our country is in this situation. Please stop by more often to voice your opinion. God bless.

    • Thanks for your comment Foxy. I’m scared of what we will witness over the next few years as Obamacare gets implemented.


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