Combat Medic’s Thoughts On Benghazi

Combat Medic’s Thoughts On Benghazi

Doc Nelson is a Combat Medic. His tweets today on Benghazi really moved me. I wanted to share them with my friends who read this blog. God bless you Doc & thank you for your service.-Alexis


  1. Made me cry. I missed the tweets – thanks for posting.

  2. Jenny B. Martin says:

    Thank you both for posting this. It sums up what many Americans feel about Benghazi.

  3. Thanks Doc… For those that don’t know 68W is a Combat Medic designation. These guys have earned more MoH for having the guts to honor their pledge and throw themselves into harms way for their brothers in arms. I have a retired corpsman co-worker, former SEAL, and he is not a happy camper on this subject. Docs don’t run from the fight either.

    • I thank all of you in the military for your service. It is a constant reminder that freedom isn’t free and we can’t let liberty die on our generations watch. Too much blood has been shed to gain freedom. We can’t lose it because of the few people willing to exchange it for free condoms and other liberal nonsense. Thanks for commenting. I greatly appreciate it.

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