Stop Common Core Tyranny In Maryland

Stop Common Core Tyranny In Maryland

Common Core is a nationwide initiative designed to herd states into national K-12 standards and national tests, which ultimately will lead to a national curriculum and silence curriculum input from local parents, taxpayers and educators.

Do we want to do this on top of handing over control of our real estate, as proposed in “Plan Maryland”, to Annapolis and the federal government? It will all end when we all have no control of the activities that we have always controlled through the ballot box. Please understand and see these mandates for what they are. They are attacks on our freedoms.

When the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, or Obamcare, grows into full implementation, personal freedom loss will become alarmingly evident. “Plan Maryland” and “Common Core” will add to that. There is a national agenda under foot here. States and counties need to say “stop” Please, please do so and take back control of Worcester County.

Dennis W Evans

Berlin Maryland

Note from Alexis:

Glenn Beck said that people should also be wary of Common Core based on the people who are putting it together. For example Linda-Darling Hammond was endorsed by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers for Secretary of Education and served as an advisor to the Obama campaign.

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