JLinds And The Rinos Strike Back

JLinds And The Rinos Strike Back

Via – The Morlock Revolt- I saw the following cartoons & write up on The Murlock Revolt. Funniest Thing I’ve seen All Week!!!-Alexis

Yesterday marked a historic event in the history of liberty in this country. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky made a 13 hour filibuster against suggestions from the Obama Administration that American civilians can be killed in drone strikes in the country.  The country was electrified by Senator Paul’s passionate plea for liberty.  Several senators joined his cause and stood with him.  But others like stick in the muds John McCain and Lindsey Graham thought that Senate rules and the appearance of being civil is better than we Americans wishing to remain free.  Well as you can see from the pictures below, this is not the first time that McCain and Graham have been jerks to liberty minded individuals.  So let’s discover some of John and Lindsey’s adventures.

Patrick Henry
Nathan Hale
The Gettysburg Address
Signing of the Declaration of Independence


  1. Awesome…those I really could believe! The J-Linds, #hattip Mark Levin, have been acting so much in character for those two… And folks wonder how Obama got re-elected, elected in the first place even. Well, the J-Linds are how!!

    It’s time!! Thank you Rand Paul for finally giving us a day to be proud of, a day for Rush not to be embarrassed!! And it was only fitting that you know who, JLinds, was having dinner with the Imperial President. If JLinds think he was doing wrong ensures they did right!! Let’s hope it starts the momentum #crushrove is really all about!!

    Thank you Sen. Paul, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Lee, Sen. Barasso….. Rep. Gohmert!! Just Wow! What an event, what a day, what an inspiration!!

    Thanks Alexis,


    • Hi Lewis,
      Yes, our team finally had a good week. I heard Rush say they had the media all lined up for the dinner club. The Rinos & Obama were planning on making a big stink about how bipartisan they are behaving. You know how they love to brag about reaching across the aisle. Then out of the blue Rand Paul upstaged them, stole the spotlight and the show and the American people go wild and outshine the media. Pretty exciting. I couldn’t believe how JLinds (hat tip Levin) whined about it. They really made themselves look bad, like spoiled little kids. I posted a bunch of cool things people said on twitter about #standWithRand the other day. It was great to see that people still get so excited about the constitution.

  2. Thank you for posting the cartoons, something funny to wake up to today. Your site is the best and I am going to pass it along to everyone I know to help spread the word. Keep up the good work.

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