Republicans Surrender The Battle Over Hagel

Republicans Surrender The Battle Over Hagel

Roll call vote of senators who voted to end debate on the Hagel nomination

stop debating

Of course despite all their opposition in the media, McCain and Graham were the first to cave.
After it was decided to end the debate, Hagel won the confirmation to lead the Pentagon.

The next vote was 58 to 41 , the Senate confirmed the former GOP senator as four Republicans joined 54 Democrats in approving controversial Hagel, unnecessarily surrendering the battle.

The four Republican senators voting in favor were Thad Cochran (Miss.), Mike Johanns (Neb.), Richard C. Shelby (Ala.) and Rand Paul (Ky.). All 41 no votes came from Republicans. Rand Paul’s vote was surprising since he had voted earlier to continue the debate.

Did you ever think we would put such a pro-Iranian, anti-Israel, anti- semitic person like Hagel in such a position of power? The Constitution provides us with checks and balances. The reason we have an appointment clause is so we have a check on presidential power. Our politicians were given the power to stop this horrible Hagel confirmation and they chose not to execute it, excusing their actions by saying the President deserves due deference. That does mean you listen with deaf ears and refuse to question his mistakes. Most Republicans are behaving cowardly at a time when we need strong heroic leaders. I hope that everyone says a prayer for the USA, our military and Israel in these dark days when Hagel will be our secretary of defense. Pray Hard!

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  1. Char in ND says:

    Above all, Rand Paul’s vote to confirm Hagel was the biggest disappointment to me. I find our Senator Hoeven (ND) to be a RINO but at least he had the sense and decency to vote against Hagel’s nomination.

    • Did you hear Rand Paul on Glenn Beck’s radio show today? His explanation was disappointing too. I feel like those guys aren’t using the check on presidential power that the constitution gives us. We need this now more than ever with this imperial president. If I get time I am going to try to edit that clip of the Paul interview and post it around social media. Ted Cruz is one of the few politicians that hasn’t disappointed me yet.

      • Char in ND says:

        I didn’t catch Beck’s show yesterday, I would like to hear what his explanation was. I was reading on Michelle Malkin’s site that he said “There are many things I disagree with Chuck Hagel on, there are many things I disagree with John Kerry on, there are very few things I agree with the president on, but the president gets to choose political appointees.”
        What does that mean? He is okay with ceding his power to the President?
        I agree with you about Ted Cruz, so far he appears to be a strong constitutionalist and unafraid to stand up to his critics.

  2. It seems like the purest form of posturing to me, not just for the Middle East, but also for the Obama regime.

  3. Why do you think they gave up like that? Are they waiting for something big to happen that we don’t know about yet?

  4. I say let Hagel have the job and enough figurative rope to hang himself with.

  5. matt neymeyer says:

    It’s stuff like this that is infuriating! Hagel is neither qualified nor the right person for the job. Why did the Republicans give up? Political laziness. They can say what they want about opposing the choice, but they still allowed this to happen plain and simple.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. They might have opposed the choice but they obviously just didn’t want to take the time to make things right either.

  6. briancarlostyle says:

    This still confuses me. Why in the world would they allow someone who isn’t even qualified to help with leading us? I guess they just expect us to bow down to them and accept it for what it is. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. Ha! I love the tweets especially the one by RB. I have to agree. No one that loves this country would ever want someone as disqualified as him being our SecDef. Such a shame and a waste of a good country.

  8. I am still trying to rap my head around this since I thought with the whole “checks and balances” that it wouldn’t allow someone as unqualified as him to even be a part of anything that has to do with trying to stir our country in the right direction.

  9. How the heck did this happen? I don’t know a lot about politics but I am learning fast. I am a firm believer that if there is something that you don’t like then you should figure out a way to change it. This is kind of what set me into wanting to learn as much as I can about politics and our government.

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