Thirsty For Liberty

Thirsty For Liberty

I wanted to write something quick and casual about last nights State Of The Union events. I thought the words to Marco Rubio’s speech were excellent. Whoever wrote that speech did one hell of a job but you could painfully feel his nervousness. I had so hoped that he was going to knock it out of the park for the GOP but from the very beginning you could hear his voice trembling. It definitely didn’t look presidential. Glenn Beck called it his Bobby Jindal moment. I think Bobby Jindal pretty much ruined his career with his response to the State of The Union that year. So, Beck was a little harsh on Rubio who still has amazing potential even if he is a little rough around the edges. Anybody who grew up dreaming of becoming the first Hispanic president and who spent their teenage years with a huge poster of Ronald Reagan over their bed is alright in my book. The scene with the water was awkward but he pulled a recovery with the below tweet which he posted immediately following the speech.

rubio water

That was the best maneuver possible because being able to crack jokes and laugh at oneself is very Reaganesque. I’m sure the left will have a field day with the comedy of it all. However, since conservatives are clever and of superior intellect, ours will be even better. One of the best ones I have seen so far came from  C. Steven Tucker and The Looking Spoon who said “As it turns out Marco Rubio didn’t have dry mouth at all” then they posted the pic below which says “When one is forced to swallow Obama’s crap for over an hour, they have to wash it down with something”
rubio swallow
Rush Limbaugh and most of our beloved commentators on the right seem to be in love with Marco Rubio. I worry that Rubio might leave them as well as all of us heart broken. Maybe it’s my feminine instinct but I started to feel suspicious when I first saw Rubio standing next to McCain, Graham and the gang of 8 talking about amnesty and immigration reform. How many times have we been promised that the border would be secured after amnesty. Rubio still swears he is fighting for our side and will hold the line on border control but who is fighting for the young Americans who will ultimately be footing the bill for any free healthcare and handouts we dish out to illegal immigrants. And what about all the foreign entrepreneurs and people who hold that American dream inside their soul and are waiting in line patiently to become an American citizen by going through the proper legal channels. Are we discouraging them when we keep rewarding lawbreakers? It seems as if Rubio has become the rope in a game of tug between the establishment and the Tea Party. The Tea Party feels they discovered him but the establishment thinks they can use him and possibly tempt him with all the thrills and power plays the inside beltway crowd tends to use. Even the left seems to want us to elevate him, why else would they call him a savior on Time magazine’s cover. Therefore, I wait and watch Rubio with both hope and caution.


Everyone out there who is thirsty for liberty is scanning the horizon looking for who will be the next Reagan. That’s why tens of thousands of people would stand outside in 2008 just to get a glimpse of Sarah Palin in person. We waited 20 years to see somebody who so embodied Reagan’s pioneer spirit like she did. She never tripped up once no matter what the left threw at her. She stayed flawless in every speech and debate. She has that charisma and magic that Reagan displayed. After the 2010 election, I believed the momentum was on our side. Our team came out in record numbers over the Chick-fil- A controversy, Obama had proved himself as a terrible president, then Sarah Palin started that bus tour that ended in Iowa with one of the best speeches honestly that I had ever heard. This was it I thought, she is running. What happened? Did Karl Rove and the establishment push her aside because they had already decided for us that Romney was going to be the nominee? Will we ever know what happened? Did the heartache from THAT leave millions of conservatives sitting on the side lines at home on election day because they wanted to send a message to the GOP. Was that what cost us the election? Again, everyone out there who is thirsty for liberty is scanning the horizon looking for The One. Time and time again we are left being disappointed. What politician is thirsty for free enterprise and a limited government? Which politician is hungry enough to get our republic back in line with our Constitution.


It didn’t get much press but Rand Paul did a SOTU response on behalf of the TeaParty which was broadcast over the Internet. Out of the three speeches we heard last night Paul’s vision for America is the direction I hope we will take. I was inspired enough about it to stay up late and post the video and transcript on my web site. One of my Internet buddies LTyner felt the same way. To paraphrase the famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire, Rand Paul had me at Montesquieu!  “Montesquieu wrote that there can be no liberty when the executive branch and the legislative branch are combined. Separation of powers is a bedrock principle of our Constitution.” said Rand. His words were spot on and his delivery was confident. I’ll be cautious with Rand too but a little less so than Rubio. Rand comes across as one of the hopeful front runners.  I look forward to following Rand Paul’s career over the next few years and seeing more of what he has to offer. Here is a man who not only is thirsty for liberty but willing to fight for it and that my friends is exactly what we need.

Alexis Deacon


  1. I thought the message of both the speeches of Rubio and Paul was excellent and spot on and a clear alternative to Obama’s message of continued excessive taxing, spending, borrowing and government regulation and control. I also agree that Rubio seemed nervous and Paul’s speech was most certainly not seen by nearly as large an audience given the fact that it was broadcast only online.

  2. Nice Alexis, you’re a wordsmith…

  3. Wow! Didn’t see that one coming. Thank you, Alexis. I really think you are in my head. I agree with all the points you made above.
    I understand the establishment is scared of too much private enterprise, because that takes away their base for power. Problem is is that the free market principles and liberties we believe in is what has kept this Republic together longer than any other single form of govt I think. The Karl Rove’s and dare I mention our dear president would like to keep moving us into this awkward oligarchy type fiasco central power grab. I think the only difference they have is their desired outcome. Neither is where we need to be as a nation. Our Founders did a remarkable job establishing this experiment that has worked! Why must they destroy it?
    We must change directions soon. Not for my benefit, but for my children’s sake. We must get back to our founding principles to keep this great nation together. Rubio and Paul both give excellent substance, as did Palin. If it wasn’t for her McLame wouldn’t have had that lead to lose when he skipped out on the campaign to go to DC and ‘save’ our markets.
    You are right to be cautiously optimistic with both those guys. We will need someone to expound conservative principles to beat Rove then Hillary in 2016. One of them may be the guy for the job. We will watch and listen closely….

  4. Hahaha… I laughed my rear off at this one. That is one clever way to use a bottle of water. lol. I am a political science major and even I have seen the humor in things on a political aspect. Your article are witty and I can’t wait to read more.

  5. This isn’t the first time that I have seen someone take something tragic like this and make it humorous. I see this done with the super bowel also. Cracks me up. I just wish that we would finally get someone in office that would stick to their guns and not go and change everything when the people don’t agree on it in the first place.

  6. Sara Morgan says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love reading this blog! But don’t you think that freedom and individual liberties are not valued very highly by most republican candidates now? It seems like Sarah Palin was more successful than others because she brought an element of “I don’t care what you think” to each interview or conversation with the public. She had an endearing quality that seemed down-to-earth. It helped me, and probably others, to feel like she connected with individuals rather than “the establishment” republican party. I hope we get a chance to see this in the next few years from Marco Rubio. That would make me feel better about his representation.

  7. Todd Raymond says:

    I’m only saying this Alexis because you were wondering what cost the GOP the election..Why can’t the GOP promise to deny immigrants welfare as we know it? No more college subsidies! No more food stamps! These ideas are unthinkable in our climate right now. I think that sometimes the GOP has a hard time finding something to get behind. Bush was successful at getting elected because he had something to get behind first- America’s obsession with morality at the turn of the century AND second- the war and the need to “see it through”. The GOP needs a rallying point! With unemployment up, the economy struggling and the majority of Americans feeling more interested in media coverage than actual issues, I think time is all that’s needed. It’s only a matter of time before we see “The one” coming!

  8. Great post. Glad to see the usage of twitter, even better when its used in fun ways like that! That Rubio Swallow image as my new favorite meme!

  9. Cmarten says:

    I laughed at his water graphic too. I can’t say I blame him for needing something even stiffer to drink after all that. I hope we can get someone with Palin’s resolve and strength, but with better delivery and who is willing and able to go the distance. Rand Paul is definitely one to watch.

  10. With his ideals, and his humor, the whole situation could very well make him more likeable in the public’s eye, if you ask me. People don’t want “politicians,” whom they see, I think, as a different creature from themselves. It’s like, wow, this guy’s human, and he’s standing for what I believe in too. Great response to the situation I think.

  11. While I loved her ideals, I have to admit Palin never excited me much as a politician. Rand Paul, on the other hand. He has the strength to back up what he’s saying. Still, the more quality people out there saying what needs to be said the better.

  12. Unfortunately, Rubio strikes me as someone who could be swayed to the standard line and will probably end up crumbling under the pressure of politics instead of keeping firm to his ideals. It is something to watch as time goes on. I hope not though!

  13. Kale Harmon says:

    Rand Paul has the guts and the presence to make a real run for it, if you ask me. I can’t find much not to like about the man, quite frankly. Lately, he seems to be positioning himself more in the public eye and taking a more active role in things. Seems like a good thing to me.

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