Why Reagan Conservatives Differ From Libertarians and Progressives

Why Reagan Conservatives Differ From Libertarians and Progressives

What makes Conservatives different from Libertarians and Progressives? Faith.
In an era where radical secular progressives and radical secular libertarians have taken over our culture, Reagan conservatives are needed more than ever. Atheists could be conservatives as long as they are not hostile to people of faith. In the following audio, Reagan expert, Professor Kengor, speaks on the Mark Levin show. Click arrow to listen.

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  3. We definitely need more Reagan conservatives

  4. Kengor really seems to know what he is talking about! That was an informational video and I think it really speaks volumes about the current trends in conservatism and how some people call themselves a conservative when they are actually not.

  5. Well, Reagan set the standard in many ways. His momma raised him as a Christian and he never lost sight of the war between good and evil. He brought hope to an America that was back on its heals. Faith was the foundation upon which he built. Let us not forget that the “silent” majority saw, heard, and believed. He won two presidential elections by huge landslides.


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